Thursday, June 16, 2011

Countertop Time!

After months of complaining {19 to be exact}, husband-to-be finally agreed to get new counter tops for our kitchen - yay!  It all actually started when we were looking for houses.  One of my must-haves was a garbage disposable.  Of course the house we chose didn't have one so I made HTB promise we'd install one someday.  Well after living in the house a few months, I decided if we were to install a garbage disposable, we should probably replace the sink and if we were to replace the sink then we should probably also replace the counter tops {perfectly logical, right?!}.

Here's where you come me choose my counter tops! Which color would you go with in our kitchen? {PS the cream cabinets are staying, but we are planning to replace the backsplash}
Here's some inspiration photos:

The safe choice - sand colored with dark brown flecks.
A creamy neutral look from Sarah's House! We couldn't afford Carrara, but maybe white is the way to go.

An afforable option - butcher block with a marble backsplash.

All photos: Decorpad

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bargain Hunting

We all know Target is a gold mine for fabulously stylish home decor at bargain prices, but in addition to their normally fantastic prices, this month they are also having an online-only home sale! There are so many awesome peices it was hard to choose.  Here are some items I found for my living room decorating project as well as other items that I have no place for, but maybe someone else does!

On the right (the inspiration): Horchow Kyle Chair $1,729
On the left (Target find): Canary Print Slipper Chair $224

When I found this Horchow chair, I knew I would neeever buy it.  I mean, $1700 bucks for a chair?! That's just insane. This Target option is not nearly as pretty, but I think it will serve the purpose just fine.

On the right (the inspiration): Home Decorators Collection Rosa Rug (5x8) $479
On the left (Target find): Home Medallion Wool Rug (5x8) $110.50

Kind of had my heart set on this Madeline Weinrib inspired rug from Home Decorators Collections, but the Target option is much more budget friendly. Compromises, compromises.

(The inspiration) French Fancy Room Dividers

(Target find) Target Arts & Craft Room Divider $97.99

Still on the fence about this one. I think I might be able to find this cheaper elsewhere. What do you think? 

Here are some other lovely finds that won't go in my living room, but maybe will fit in yours!

Dwell Studio for Target Swoop Chair - $129

Curves Hourglass Chair - $157

Faux silk curtain panel in Tan (42x84) - $10.39

These curtains are a steal at $10 a panel! Unfortunately they don't have enough left in stock for my living room. Hopefully someone else will scoop them up.

Happy shopping!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sneak Peek: DIY Bench

I thought I'd share the DIY bench project I started this weekend.  This is my first attempt EVER at building furniture, so we'll see how it goes! So far, the actually work doesn't seem that difficult...the hardest part is buying all the elements. I will be making a third trip to Home Depot tonight!

Here's my inspiration.

Ballard Designs Simone Bench - $249-$400
This one is probably the most similar to the bench I'm trying to make. 

Horchow Suzani Bench - $979

Love this, but too luxe for my budget! 

Home Decorators Collection Hammond Bench - $199

Most affordable, but no pattern.

Home Decorators Collection Martha Stewart Lomard Benach - $229

Great design for the price, but again no pattern.

My progress so far.

I purchased four table legs from Home Depot

Primed them with some spray primer I had laying around the house. Unfortunately I picked the windiest day for this project!

Then I sprayed them with "Walnut" colored spray paint I had from when I refinished our medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

More to come, stay tuned!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Room Divided

Open floor plans: yes we all crave them, love them, need them, but they create unique design challenges. For example our living room, that I'm currently designing, is more like our 'everything' room.  It serves as our main living/tv/hangout room, our dining room, our entertaining room, our office and our main entry.  Phew, that's a lot for one, yes ONE room. My biggest challenges are the structural beam and the closed-in front porch area which has a lower ceiling and different flooring.  I need to make this space into a welcoming entry and a office without putting up walls. Here are my ideas thus far. Send me your ideas!
The obvious choice is to use a shelving unit, such as the one pictured above. I'm just not sure if this would give enough privacy to the office area.
 I love this solution! It gives the office privacy while still being open, and getting extra storage is a bonus.
Here are two nice examples from Marley and Lockyer using a curtain and folding screen.

Better Homes & Garden, April 2010

My mom torn this out of last April's BHG Magazine. The room has nearly the identical layout to our living room. Right now, using a curtain in this manner is probably my first choice.  I might also add a folding screen to even further divide the space. I can't seem to figure out what kind of curtain rod they used though. Anyone know?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mood Board: Our Living Room

Drum roll please....I'm finally done with the inspiration for living room!  I wanted a soft palette with a few pops of colors to keep the eye moving around - it's a small space.  It's also a room that we use everyday as well as for company so it needs to be comfortable and inviting, but also special enough for guests and entertaining. The Chariklia Zarris print I picked up at Homegoods this past weekend was really the piece that brought everything together for me. What do you think?

 Art: Chariklia Zarris Print
Sofa: Crate and Barrel Axis Sofa
Chair: Horchow
Coffee table: Peir One
Rug: Home Decorators Collection
Curtains: JCPennys & West Elm
Pillows: Madeline Weinrib & Jayson Home and Garden

Below are the items from my previous post that I purchased already. All from Homegoods with the execption of the rug which is from JCPennys

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiny Bathroom Renovation

We are about half way through our main bathroom renovation - check out the before below, yuck! I can't wait to show off the "After" but for now here's some of my inspiration!


Wow, I almost forgot how ugly it was!

This is the vanity we purchased.  We had a tough time finding the right one because the bathroom is super tiny and we only had space for a 24" or smaller vanity.  Most of the other 24" vanities we found at the home improvement stores were not cute and were so builder grade.

The potential of our vanity. I love this color!

Elgant and clean.
Decor by Jennifer -

Lovely, but all the clutter on the counter would drive me nuts! A medicine cabinet is definitely in order.


So simple, so chic.
Jim Howard -